Rhys Crimmin - Multi-instrumentalist

Aussie Roots Reggae & Dirty Foot Stompin' Blues

An ever growing show of Guitars, Didgeridoos, Harmonicas, Kazoos, Foot Percussion, and anything else he can get his hands on! He has been amazing crowds around Australia every night with his unique style that he likes to call ‘Aussie Roots Reggae & Dirty Foot Stompin’ Blues’.

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Rhys Crimmin & the Toms

Aussie Roots Reggae & Dirty Foot Stompin' Blues

Adding to Rhys Crimmin's wall of sound are ‘The Toms’, which includes Fiddle, Bass guitar and Drums. An infectious live show, with so much energy and craftsmanship on stage, it is hard to know where to look!

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