From the moment Rhys Crimmin starts playing, audiences are drawn to the warm sound he creates. Sitting amongst an array of instruments, the rhythmic pulse of the stomp box, along with the haunting drone of the didgeridoo, or bluesy sounds of the harmonica. His guitar work playing underneath while his raw, powerful and emotive vocals soar above. Rhys lets his music do the talking, and the crowd is ready to listen.

Armed with an ever growing array of Guitars, Didgeridoos, Harmonicas, Kazoos, Foot Percussion, and anything else he can get his hands on, Rhys Crimmin and his travelling one man band multi-instrumentalist show has been amazing crowds around Australia and the world every night, with his unique style that he likes to call ‘Aussie Roots Folk Reggae & Dirty Foot Stompin’ Blues’.

This busy performer has managed to teach himself all of these instruments, and plays them all simultaneously, in a mind-blowing performance! Playing hundreds of shows a year, they are still always unpredictable. You are likely to witness clapping, dancing, spontaneous jams and the even odd sing along, with the crowd watching his every swift movement to see what he will try next.

Rhys has been travelling Australia since 2005 playing as a solo musician at Festivals, Pubs, Clubs, Bars, and Hotels. Whilst touring he has sold thousands of copies of his 2005 EP ‘Nightowl’, his 2008 Album ‘Musical Journey’ and his 2012 full band album ‘Reworked.’ When Rhys is back in the city of Melbourne which he now calls his hometown, you can catch him regularly busking alongside some of Australia’s best performers in the Bourke St Mall with massive crowds circled around him that he whips into a frenzy!

If attending one of Rhys’ larger shows or a festival show you may also get to experience him playing on stage with his full band which can consist of violin, drums, bass, and some nice harmonies added to the wall of sound! This type of show takes everything up another level!

Rhys Crimmin is a hard working, independent, constantly touring Road Warrior! Be sure to check him out when he comes to your town for a show, or make sure you catch him at a festival near you!

Rhys has developed a strong following after several Australian and European Tours as well as exciting performances at the Port Fairy Folk Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival, Taubertal Music Festival (Germany), Pflasterfest (Germany), Australian Blues Music Festival Goulburn, Folk Rhythm and Life Festival, Maldon Folk Festival, Cool Summer Festival and support shows with top Australian acts Carus and the True Believers, Ash Grunwald, Bomba, The Vasco Era, Will & the People (UK), Dirty Lucy, and The Little Stevies. He has also shared the stage with guitar legends Bob Brozman and Jeff Lang! Rhys has a number of festival appearances and more touring coming up.

Rhys delivers one hell of a well-rounded show!

A singer-songwriter on the cusp of roots music glory – Matt Neal – The Standard


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